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Sophie was born April 29, 1997 and is out of Ox Kill Koorahana and by Dua He Chi's Roscoe. She is actually Koora's last foal out of Roscoe and so holds a special place in our hearts. Along with her teammate Pearl, she was a member of our mare team and the lead in the four, as well as an accomplished halter and cart horse. She has had many well performing Isaac offspring, most notably her bay daughter Ox Kill Spectacular, who we chose to keep for breeding and hitching. She is currently retired and enjoying being a broodmare alongside team-mate Pearl.




Youth Showmanship...

Here Eliza Matlock, our newest intern, participates with Sophie in youth showmanship at the 2007 NY State Fair Regional Shire Show.












More Youth Showmanship...

Here Sophie, who for some time has been everyone's favorite showmanship horse, participates with Jenny Cournoyer, an intern who spend two summers here at the farm, in her junior showmanship class.













Sophie competed very successfully in halter classes for a number of years, continuing her mother's legacy as a top halter horse. Here she is being shown at the 2003 Ohio State Fair Regional Shire Show in a brood mare class.