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Junior Team...

One of our all time favorites, this photo shows the girls taking first place in the Junior Team at the 2000 Keystone International Livestock Expo. The class is meant for horses under four years of age, and Sophie was just three, and Pearl four when they brought home this blue.















Youth Team...

Here Melissa brings home a first in her Youth Team class at the 2003 Ohio State Fair Regional Shire Show.













Clyde/Shire Team...

Here Sophie and Pearl prove they haven't lost their touch, as they compete at the 2005 New York State Fair Regional Shire Show.














More Clyde/Shire Team...

Here the girls compete in the 2006 New York State Fair Regional Shire Show in the Clydesdale/Shire Team class.














Senior Driving...

Here Gene takes the girls for a blue ribbon drive in the Senior to Drive Team class at the 2006 Ohio State Fair National Shire Show- for the second year in a row!













Mare Team...

Here Holly Diggins puts Korrie and Lara through their paces in a Mare Team Class at the 2010 Addison, VT regional Shire Show.